Privacy Statement

We Take Your Privacy Very Seriously.

Our website provides email lookups for legitimate informational purposes only. We understand that privacy is a major concern as it relates to the spread of personal data online, and it's an issue that we take very seriously.

This page specifies the information we do not reveal through our website and how we're working to protect consumer privacy.

We do not sell information to spammers. We hate spam just as much as you do. That's why we've designed our service in a way that can only be used by individuals in a singular fashion. Strict security monitoring and restrictions exist to prevent "scraping", bots, and any attempts to retrieve bulk information from our databases.

Full email addresses are not available for most records. We truncate results and relay messages on behalf of the sender. This prevents abuse and ensures that people can control their listings. Click here to learn more about this feature.

Our people search data is restricted to U.S. adults only. Information about minors or residents in other countries is not included in our databases.

We do not reveal sensitive personal data. Information that we do NOT share, sell, or reveal includes:

Our services are for legitimate informational purposes only. In order to conduct a reverse email lookup on our website, users must begin with an email address and agree to our Terms of Use. Visitors attempting to misuse information will be blocked and prosecuted.

We make opting-out of our database fast, easy, and free. We believe that consumers should have the right to opt-out of any database that stores their personal information. While other people search companies might make the opt-out process unnecessarily difficult, we keep it simple. Just visit the Opt-Out Request page and submit the email address(es) you are concerned about. Your email address will be removed from our service automatically.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding our privacy practices, please Contact Us. You may also be interested in our Privacy Policy. Thanks!