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The Dangers of Online Dating - With a recent growth in online dating, there is also an increase in scammers using dating sites to defraud users. Don't become a victim to these scammers, and become aware of the warning signs.

Tax Email Scams of 2012 and How to Avoid Them - This year, thousands of people are being scammed out of their hard-earned money, through email scammers and phishers. Don't fall victim to email scams. Learn how to spot tax scammers and avoid them, preventing any fraudulent activity.

CAN-SPAM Compliance - In 2004, the United States enacted a law to punish spammers who violate a set of practices. Learn more about the CAN-SPAM Act and how you can protect yourself against unsolicited messages.

A Year in Twitter: Top Trends of 2011 - 2011 was a whirlwind year. And with the explosion of social media outlets like Twitter, it's been exponentially easier for us to keep up with what's been going on in the world. With everything from the Occupy Movement, to Osama...

How Today's Webmail Stacks Up - If you've been tethered to Gmail for the last few years, you're missing out. Do a Hotmail email address search for your old screen name, and get ready to pull that Yahoo! account information out of your archives. Many of today's least appreciated free email services have undergone some exciting changes. What's the best web-based email account you can have today? Look over this list and decide for yourself.

Top Ten Worst Computer Viruses - Worms. Trojans. Viruses. If your life hasn't been disrupted by a malicious piece of software, consider yourself lucky. The number of unique computer viruses in circulation topped one million in April 2009. These viruses can be programmed to email your...

Hurricane Irene Leaves the Water Prime for Phishing - As if the tragedy of Hurricane Irene wasn't enough, there is even more tragedy in the aftermath. Many scammers are attempting to use Hurricane Irene to collect "donations" from those who would like to contribute to rescue and aid efforts. Don't fall victim to these scams by using the following tips.

Common Reasons to Search by Email Address - Searching by email addresses isn't as creepy or weird as it may sound. There are many valid reasons why you may want to find more information about someone from their email address. In fact, you may need to search email address someday!

Searching by Email Address? Take These Precautions First - If you're searching by email address, be aware of some of the common pitfalls, legal and otherwise. Be sure that an email address hasn't been "spoofed" before paying money to a service, be aware of privacy laws, and don't try to find emails for emergencies or high-stakes situations.

Search by Email: How Accurate Is It? - When learning about search by email services, people are often skeptical. How can these services be accurate? It's all about the sources. Services that use multiple accurate sources are able to deliver a strong degree of accuracy in the information they provide to consumers.