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Alumni Directories

Most people recall high school and college memories in a positive light. They remember the friends, the family, and the time that they shared together. Then you move on and get busy living every day life. One day you wake up and realize that you'd like to get in touch with your old friends again, just to see how they're doing and to reminisce about the old days. But you have no idea where they are, let alone their contact information. How, then, can you contact them?

Finding Alumni

There is a reason that alumni committees exist, and it's not just to plan class reunions that almost everyone is nervous to attend. Many alumni have now chosen to put contact information up online so that anyone can get in touch with old friends or teachers. These sites make it easy to find the email or mailing address of an old friend.

Using these alumni directories is usually fairly easy, but the first thing you need to do is to actually see if your high school or college even has an online directory available to use. Begin by visiting your old high school or college website and seeing if they have any alumni contact links available. If an alumni directory is unavailable, you may have to look elsewhere.

Using Social Networks Online

There are other websites available that can help you contact your old friends from high school or college. Websites like these are used solely to find friends that you used to go to school with, and works much in the same way that an alumni committee works. To use one of these websites, you generally sign up for an account and enter your information into a profile. With a basic account you will be able to find your friends, but not contact them. This is the only caveat; you must have a paid account in order to contact friends or to see photographs that they have put on their sites. But it may be a price that you're willing to pay in order to see old friends.

Anther way to find old high school and college friends is through using social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook. Both sites offer a search option which includes searching for your high school. Once you do, the site will pull up all of the people on the site who have attended your school during the time frame that you indicated. The best part about sites like these is that they are completely free, and will allow you to send an email message to the friend that you've found without having to pay any price. You can even befriend them to see their photographs for, again, no fee.

Finding friends from high school and college is easiest and most simple if you can do it from your school's website. But if that technology has not reached your school yet, using a social networking site may be the best way to do it.

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