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AOL Email for Cell Phones

The ability to send, check, and manage your email from a cell phone allows you to stay connected, wherever you go. AOL still remains one of the most popular email clients for home computer use; in fact, during the dawn on the internet era, AOL set the gold standard for emailing. AOL email provides users with an easy interface with which to organize their contacts and send messages. AOL is also incredibly beneficial for instant messing, and their "AIM" client is considered to be the utmost in instant communication clients.

AOL and T-Mobile's Sidekick: A Match Made in Heaven

Some cell phones allow accessing your AOL email account digitally to be an easier endeavor than others. The T-Mobile Sidekick has an absolutely fantastic AOL Mobile client. This phenomenal software allows users to check and send their AOL mail, conduct an email search, and so much more.

Some of the helpful features of AOL Mobile on the T-Mobile Sidekick include a contact list that allows you to see which of your friends and family are online at the same time you are. The AOL Mobile client also allows you to constantly update your status, which is an easy tool that allows friends to stay updated on your life.

AOL Instant Messaging is also a simple endeavor on the T-Mobile Sidekick, and the full QWERTY keyboard makes typing quick messages an absolute cinch. Many cell phones are compatible with AIM; however, the T-Mobile Sidekick is also compatible with AOL Group Chat, which allows users to have conversations with multiple people in one conversation, similar to a public chat room. Do not expect delays or problems with your AIM client, either. The T-Mobile Sidekick gives users a great network with very few to no overall headaches.

The Most Cost-Effective AOL Mobile Option

The T-Mobile Sidekick can indeed be a little bit more expensive than regular phones, but if you are a frequent AOL email and AIM user, the investment is worthwhile. In addition, this service is still significantly cheaper than iPhone with AT&T or the Instinct with Sprint, which are two other AOL mobile-friendly options.

With a monthly web package, T-Mobile customers can access AOL Mobile without any additional fees or restrictions. Plus, AOL Mobile also gives you access to movie times, up to the minute news streams, and a plethora of other features. For diehard AOL fans, the T-Mobile Sidekick is definitely the ultimate AOL mobile phone.

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