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AOL Mail History

The History of AOL

In 1983, Steve Case was hired in order to help market a video game modem that allowed gamers to download games and to keep track of their scores. He not only made the company popular, he made it famous. What began as Control Video Corporation soon turned into one of the most popular internet sites in the world.

In 1991, AOL was officially listed as American Online, Inc. In 1992 it went public, and since then it has grown exponentially. In just four years, there were 500,000 people who were relying on AOL to provide them internet access. That same year, they began providing internet access to Microsoft customers and doubled their users in record time. Another year later found the company a global phenomenon with 4.5 million users logging on almost every day to check their emails and to connect with friends and family.

Slowly, however, the company began to slow down. AOL was running against other internet and email providers who were able to offer more than they could. The fact that they diversified the company so much allowed them to keep their heads above water, but many employees were eventually phased out or laid off. It has also been announced that Time Warner would split apart from AOL's internet service and that the internet division may eventually be sold off.

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