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Are There Free Reverse Email Searches?

Emails can be easy to send and receive, but they may be very hard to trace. Those that send out Spam email are always finding new ways to send it without detection, and new ways to thwart whatever type of protection the email providers come up with to block them. Spam can be harmless, if not utterly annoying, but other emails are a bit more dangerous. Some are curious, and may need to be traced for various reasons.

There are some free ways that you can run a reverse email lookup. You can start by using the search engines to see if you can get a match. You can find thousands of results, and most of them will not be what you need. You may narrow your query by putting quotations around the address, and that does allow the more relevant results to float to the top. Try each search you can think of before giving up on this angle.

You can also conduct a free backwards email search by going to the source of the email. For example, if you get an email that comes from an unknown Yahoo account, you can find the Yahoo email directory to see if that email is listed with a name. Anyone can opt out of such listings, so you may not find your answer this way. That does not mean what you seek is not there, so do not skip this free search in your quest for more information.

You may find web pages like InfoSpace or 411 that allow you to do what they call a reverse email search. The results will vary, and you may not find much. Email addresses from free, web-based providers often do not come up with such a search. Those directly through a service provider like Roadrunner might be the exception. However, these are worth a try.

When coming up blank, you may want to learn more about the free email lookup type of web site. You should also find out more about Spam emails, phishing emails, and what you can do about anything in your inbox that makes you feel uncomfortable or worried.

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