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Comcast Email for Cell Phones

Comcast is a high-speed internet, cable television, and telephone provider. In fact, Comcast is one of the largest providers of these services in the country, surpassing Time Warner and AT&T.

Since Comcast is such a popular web service provider, it is only expected that many Americans have Comcast email accounts. The Comcast email account allows users easy access to sending and receiving email messages, in addition to a great address book interface and convenient access to their accounts when they are on foreign computers.

The Lack of Comcast Mobile Email

However, there is unfortunately no "official" Comcast email application on any cellular phones at this time. This may be perceived as a giant inconveniences to users of Comcast's email client; however, savvy cellular users can easily check their email on the go, if they have a web capable phone and know a few tips and tricks.

How to Check Your Comcast Email via Mobile Phone

First of all, since Comcast does indeed allow users to access their email accounts online when they are away from their home computer, there are some simple ways for Comcast mail users to access their email account on their iPhone. Since iPhone has such an amazing web browser and essentially has all of the same capabilities as a small computer, it is simple for iPhone users to simply go to Comcast's website on their Safari browser and check their mail. This is a simple method that will work for any phone that has an easy to read web browser with unlimited internet access.

Syncing Your iPhone to Check Comcast Mobile Email

However, users of iPhone have another great option if they would like to sync their iPhone with their Comcast account, alerting them of any new emails which they may receive. To add your Comcast email account to your iPhone, simply go to the mail section under "Settings" and select "Add Account." Since Comcast won't be listed as one of the preexisting email servers, you will have to manually enter it in the information. This is done easily by typing in "POP," followed by your Comcast username and password. Next, select "Incoming Mail Server" and enter "" as your host server. Then you will need to clarify your outgoing mail server; to do so, simply select "Outgoing Mail Server" and enter "" where it says Host. After that, you will simply need to save your changes, and you'll be done! As you can see, the iPhone, or any of the modern "smart phones," is truly ideal for Comcast email users.

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