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Comcast Mail History

The History of Comcast

Comcast began in 1963 with the help of three people: Ralph Roberts, Julian Brodsky, and Daniel Aaron. The company was initially created in Tupelo, Mississippi, but it was incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1969 under the name "Comcast Corporation from American Cable Systems".

Sooner rather than later, they began buying up other television stations around the world, starting with the East coast. By 2002 they had enough money to build the Comcast Center in Maryland at the University of Maryland. They had millions of subscribers using their services and were making billions of dollars a year.

In 2001, they purchased AT&T Broadband, making Comcast the largest cable television company in the nation, and in 2005 they cemented this title by purchasing Adelphia Cable. They began offering high speed internet quite a few years ago and have been running new lines whenever they made a new acquisition, allowing those who live in far reaching areas to have access to DSL and to be able to enjoy the internet like never before.

In 2008, they did announce that there would be a 250 GB a month cap on downloads, as there have been people taking advantage of the high speed internet to download so much that it slows down the other people who are connected to the company.

Features of Comcast Mail

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