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Common Reasons to Search by Email Address

To the outside observer, there are not many valid reasons to search by email address. "Why," one might ask, "would I search by email address? If I know someone's email address, don't I already know information about them?" While this may be true in some cases, "search by email" services have their uses.

The major reasons to reverse lookup by email include:

Track Down Annoying Emailers By Searching by Email Address

Unfortunately, not everyone has consideration for our time and attention. Many people wantonly violate the Can Spam Act of 2003, for instance. While "find by email" services don't work 100% of the time .md particularly when it comes to annoying marketers who aren't automated spammers, but just annoying salespeople .md search by email services can be very useful ways of tracking down annoying marketers.

Find Additional Information With "Find by Email" Services

If you know someone's email address, but you want to find more information about them (i.e., alternative modes of communication), you can search by email addresses. This can be very useful when rendezvousing with people you have only met online, finding phone numbers of old friends on school mailing lists, or just updating your address book with fresh information.

Find Emails to Confirm Identities

Finally, since it can be relatively easy to spoof one's identity using email protocols, search-by-email-address services can be useful ways by which you can verify someone's identity. If someone is contacting you for a job, and they have an official looking email address, it can't help to run their email address through an email search site to verify their identities.

Bear in mind, however, that these email search sites find emails and .md while they try to verify identities as much as possible .md there is no foolproof way to verify that all data is 100% correct. As a result, never send information over email that you wouldn't write on the back of a postcard. This is true even if you have verified an identity using an email search service.

So, while find email and search by email services may seem like they are only useful for edge cases of the population, they are actually useful for many people in many situations. At some point in the near future, you may run into a legitimate reason to search by email address.

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