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Company Email Directories

Fortunately, for consumers, a large majority of companies have decided to jump online and make their contact information available to the public. This often includes their address, phone number, their selection of products, services offered and possibly even their email addresses. When it comes to trying to get in touch with someone who works at a large company, discovering the email address can be a huge help.

Companies and Email

Almost all large companies now have a website as well as a company directory. These directories are made as much for the employees of the company as they are for a consumer, as it is impossible for every employee to remember every email address. A directory, however, makes it simple and helps keep employees connected with one another. Most people who use the internet, however, don't realize that the majority of businesses actually have a directory that is hidden online. They assume that they have to contact the company's general email inbox, which means that your mail may take days or weeks to get noticed. There are, however, some ways that you can get in touch with the company and to access the directory rather easily.

Look Below the Surface

To begin with, find the internet website of the company that you are searching for. Once you've found that website, it's time to explore. The very bottom of the page, or the very top, are the two best places to find what you're looking for, which is the "contact us" button, or the "corporate" button. Either of these buttons may hide the information that you need.

The contact us button may do a number of things. If the website is trying to hide the directory, it may take you to a generic form which will go straight into the main inbox of the company. If they're more open, you may have the email address for a number of important people in the company. This can be a great place to start if you're just trying to contact the company in order to discuss a situation, and aren't trying to contact a specific person who works for the company.

If this hasn't worked, look for a corporate box. This box may bring you to an entirely different website. Many companies have a main page showing the face they want the public to see, and a corporate page, which is all about the business side. This is where you'll most likely find your company directory. A little bit of clicking around and you should be able to find a directory that has all of the information that you're looking for. It may, or may not, be searchable, but it will most certainly have the email addresses that you have been looking for on it. When all else fails, however, contact the company directly or use an email search engine.

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