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Email Address Trace

The primary way to correspond with business, friends, family, and generally anyone you know is through email. It used to be that keeping in touch with the mail system meant having to deal with the post office and long waits. Now with a few clicks on a mouse and a bit of keyboard work, you can keep all of your friends and family informed about how you're doing, or you can write to a company to complain about the problems you're having with one of their products. Email is a wonderful tool. As with everything, though, it has its problems.

The biggest problem with electronic mail is the ease with which you can gain complete anonymity. It's easy to open up an email account using one of many free websites and send emails to anyone in the world. Because of this lots of people, and companies, send out spam that is designed for marketing purposes but often appears to do nothing more than plague your inbox. Others attach worms or viruses to these trick emails in order to gather information about you or to destroy your computer. In a situation such as this, the ability to run an email address trace comes in very handy.

The laws governing the internet are still a bit underdeveloped, and even when there is a law forbidding an action, there aren't many people or agencies who can enforce those laws. This is why most people take matters into their own hands. By running an trace, you can discover who is contacting you and where they are from. This is often all the information you need in order to get the person who is cluttering up your inbox to stop bothering you. Simply replying to the person with the IP address that the email came from and the information that you discovered is usually all it takes.

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