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Email Headers for MSN Hotmail

Chances are you receive numerous emails every day, either for professional or personal purposes. If you spend enough time online, there is a good chance that you will run into spam. While some spam is simply harmless advertising, others can contain malware, such as viruses and spyware, sent out by spammers to steal your information. Learning how to read your email headers can help you to protect yourself against spammers.

Email Header Fundamentals

To facilitate a MSN Hotmail user search with your email, you first have to understand what an email header is. Basically, the email header contains the history of the email. This includes who originally sent the messages, the servers that the email went through to get to you, and other information about the sender.

Keep in mind that many spammers can falsify this information. Therefore, if you are trying to do a MSN Hotmail email lookup, then you need to know how to spot a forgery.

How to See a MSN Hotmail Email Header

To be able to perform a MSN Hotmail member lookup, you have to learn how to expose the entire email header. In most cases, just the "to" and "from" email information will be shown, along with the date and time.

To see all header lines while using MSN Hotmail, you will need to go to your MSN Hotmail navigation bar. There you should select "options" and the "mail category." When in this section, choose "mail display settings" and then set your message headers to full. After clicking "OK," you can return to your inbox and view the full headers on any of your messages.

Delve into the Header

Now that you have displayed your full headers, you have to understand what you are reading in order to perform a MSN Hotmail email search. The "Received" tag in the header will show you the different servers that the email went through on its way to you. Remember that this information is read backwards, with the last one on the list being the original sender. You should also be able to see their original IP address and ISP domain, as well as their email client.

Discovering Spam

The next step for your MSN Hotmail member lookup is to determine which emails are spam. This will allow you to block and report them before they can cause a problem for you and others. The easiest way to determine if a message is spam is to look for inconsistencies in the path of the email.

Start by looking at the return path of the email, or the email that your message would go to if you were to hit reply. This should look like a recognizable email address, not just a jumble of letters. You can then look at the received tags, starting at the bottom of the list and working your way up. Watch out for information that has gaps or doesn't line up, as this can be a sign of spam. You can also look at the ISP because email header forgery can only be performed using the same ISP that you use.

Another thing to evaluate as part of your MSN Hotmail member lookup is the Message ID field. The server in this field should match the same server from which the message originated.

When you learn how to recognize spam in your email, you will have an easier time protecting your computer from scammers.

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