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Email Lookup Keeps You Safe, and Makes Tasks Easier

Email white lists and black lists - we all have them. It's how we separate our friends, family, and legitimate business contacts from the spam. There are plenty of reasons that you might want to search by email address for someone (or a company).

Email Lookup Keeps You Up To Date

Making sure that your spam filters are truly up to date is one reason to perform a search by email address. If you open your spam folder, and find what appears to be an email that you're interested in, is it who you really think it's from? You can usually do an email address search in moments to verify that the "you've got money!" email that you received was actually from PayPal, and not from a Nigerian prince.

There are many other reasons that you might want to search by email address, but generally, the primary reason for searching by email address comes down to verifying that an email you received is indeed legitimate, and not some phishing expedition by a scammer. Having this knowledge not only keeps your personal information safe, but may actually keep you physically safe (think: "Fatal Attraction").

Reverse Email Lookup Makes Organizing Easier

There are other reasons why you might wish to go the opposite direction - using someone's name, doing a reverse email lookup. Let's say that you want to verify that the car salesman who emailed a great deal to you. Don't you want to know if the salesman truly works for the dealership that he claims, and isn't just phishing for personal information? Conducting an email lookup makes that verification easy. Plug the salesman's name into the reverse email search service that you use, and bingo, results should reflect an email that is tied to the dealership's internet domain name.

A reverse email lookup has more applications than simply verifying that someone you don't personally know is legitimate. Let's say you've taken on the task of organizing your 10 year high school reunion, and your classmates have scattered around the country in the years since graduation. Email lookup can put you back in contact, even if they've gotten married and changed names! And, most reverse email lookup services give you more than just a contact email address - phone numbers, physical addresses, occupation, and social networks are generally part of any reverse email lookup service.

Choose a Good Email Lookup Service

Both email address search and email lookup have their place in your internet arsenal. As you can see, there are very legitimate reasons for wanting to do both. A good email address search service will offer both, because in actuality, email address search and reverse email lookup are the flip sides of the same database coin.

When choosing an email address search service, make sure that they've been around for a while, and regularly update their database. Email addresses are, by their very nature, dynamic. Most people generally have multiple email addresses (for business, family, or online purchasing reasons), and doing either a direct email address search or email lookup can give you access to all relevant email addresses.

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