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Find A Friend's Digital Address

You're desperately trying to remember how to get in touch with a friend. You don't have their phone number and can't seem to find it online. You don't have their address and you're even considering risking humiliation by calling someone who has the same last name so that you can have a shot at connecting with your friend again. Then you remember the world wide web and wonder if your friend has an email address.

The Digital Age

The beauty of today's digital world is that almost everyone has an email address. This makes it easier to keep in touch with friends and family. However, a number of people change theirs quite frequently. They may do so because they have switched internet providers, or because they're unhappy with the email service they were receiving. This presents a unique problem for people who are trying to contact their friends.

How To Find The Email Address

One way to find a friend's email address is to search online social networks. Places like MySpace and Facebook often make it easy to find a friend that you haven't talked to in a while. You simply go to the website's search feature, enter your friend's name, and see what pops up. The search feature can produce higher quality results if you know the state your friend lives in, which helps the search engine filter through results. If you find a match you can then see their profile and connect with them through the social networking site be sending them a message or signing up for your own profile if you don't already have one.

You can also check a web directory. Some people submit their email addresses and other information to web directories to make it easier for their friends and family to find them. Others, however, avoid this option because it sometimes increases the likelihood of receiving spam, of course this depends on the security measures employed by the web directory.

You can also use a free service to try to find your friend's email address. This kind of service uses technology to crawl through thousands of different websites and places, such as social networking sites, in order to find the information you're searching for. Again, if you happen to know what the city and/or where your friend lives, you will have a much easier time finding the address through a free email search service than you may believe.
Almost everyone has an email address in today's technological society. The only problem is figuring out what it is. Using a social network, a web directory, or a free email search service will give you the opportunity to find their contact information so that you can get back in touch and reminisce about the old days.

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