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Find Email Addresses With Social Networks

Social networking sites are wildly popular across the globe and are a great way to meet and keep in touch with different people. They are also an ideal way to find people with whom you'd lost touch and who would otherwise be impossible to find.

These sites are very searchable, making it easy to add people to your "friend" lists so that you can share information with them and find out more about what they enjoy, who they are, and learn about additional ways to contact them. However, at the same time, these sites allow you to regulate who sees your information by making profiles find-able without providing access to any of the details of the profile to anybody unless they have received specific permission from you to do so.

Typically, a social networking site won't let you request permission to view someone's profile unless you, yourself, have become a member. Even if you have been able to search for people without registering, requesting access to a profile will require that additional commitment. Fortunately, registering is very quick and easy. You never need to post any information about yourself that you don't wish to share. It is all up to you, as it is up to the people you add to your friend lists.

Once you receive permission from some of your acquaintances to view their profiles, you will be able to see whether or not their e-mail addresses have been included in the information that they have chosen to share in their profiles. If it is included, you will see it posted close to the rest of the shared contact information. This may include a telephone number or even a mailing address. However, many people hesitate to share telephone and mailing information. On the other hand, the relative "safety" of the internet makes them much more willing to show their social networking contacts their e-mail address for further communication.

Social networking sites are fun and easy to use and allow you to discover quite a bit more about the people you know. Even if they have not posted their e-mail addresses on the site, you are still offered the opportunity to message them there, allowing you to ask for the e-mail address specifically.

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