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Find Outlook Email Message Headers

Should you ever receive an email from a sender you don't trust through Outlook, and you want to know its real origin, you need to find the root of the message by accessing the headers. Finding the email message's header lines in Outlook is not a difficult process, but it is also not as obvious as one might think. The following is how you can locate the headers in the various Outlook programs - Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, Outlook Express, and Outlook 2007.

Outlook 2000 - 2002 - 2003

- Open the email message by double clicking it.

- Click "View" located in the top menu.

- Click "Options" within the "View" menu and a new window should open and display the full headers

Outlook Express

- Open outlook express and click on the "Inbox" of the web mail provider (I.E. Gmail) associated with the email message you wish to investigate.

- Do not open the message; instead right click the message with your mouse and a context menu should be displayed.

- Select the "properties" option from this menu.

- Select the "details" tab within the new pop-up window that appears.

- The details screen will reveal the full headers.

Outlook 2007

- Double-click the e-mail message to open it in a separate window.

- Click on the "Options" toolbar box and select the "Message" tab.

- Click the "Dialog Box Launcher" icon image on the "Message" tab.

- The headers are displayed in the Internet headers box, which is in the "Message Options" dialogue box.

Once you find the message headers it will probably look like a giant coded language to you. Don't let this intimidate you. Take the time to examine them and you will notice different facts, such as the date and time the email was sent, and the real address the message is from.

Finally, knowing how to access the outlook email message headers is important, because should you ever need to report the bogus sender to the company, institution, etc. they are pretending to represent, you will need to copy the message header into the email you send, along with the original message.

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