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Free Email Member Directories

Email directories can help you find addresses from any email client. They retrieve this information by crawling through different sites in order to help you to find a person's email address, such as a friend, family, or business colleague. There are dozens of different clients you can choose from. Before you choose which client you'd like to use, you should learn a bit about each of them.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail is a web based email client. A web based email service is accessible strictly through the internet. You can configure your web based client to deposit your email through a client like Outlook or Thunderbird, but often it takes a bit of extra work, especially in Yahoo's case. Yahoo email has been an online phenomenon since 1997 and currently serves over 260 million users. It now offers free unlimited mail storage.

MSN Hotmail

Hotmail is another free web based email service that was launched in 1996. It has the distinction of being one of the first email services and was purchased by Microsoft in 1997. It is now called Window's Live Hotmail and offers 5 GB of free storage.

Google Gmail

Gmail is another free web based email service available online. It was launched in 2004 and has become one of the more popular web based email services that there is. It allows for 1 GB of storage for every person, and those wishing for more storage can actually upgrade to a larger amount by paying a small fee.

AOL Mail

AOL has been a popular internet provider for many years. It offered users email and popularized the phrase, "you've got mail." In 2006, AOL began offering free, web based email to everyone, even those who did not have AOL as an internet provider.

Comcast Mail

Comcast provides cable and high speed internet service. It also offers free email services and allows people to receive their email very quickly. It is often easy to find a Comcast email address since Comcast provides its own email directory.

Verizon Mail

Verizon offers phone service and also offers broadband internet. It is in direct competition with other companies, like Comcast, over internet services. Verizon has been going through mergers with different companies, in different areas of the country, but does still offer high speed internet and email services.


MSN stands for Microsoft network. It began in 1995 and is constantly changing its services. In 2006 it was rebranded as Windows Live and is now in direct competition with different internet sites like Yahoo.

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