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Free Email Search Engines

Before you can understand what an email search engine is, you need to understand what a search engine is. A search engine is, at its heart, a program. This program is designed to, as they say, "crawl" through billions of different websites and retrieve information relevant to keyword search queries. One of the more popular search engines, Google, is able to provide results in less than a second and is capable of finding almost any kind of information you're interested in gathering.

Email Search Engines

Email search engines are very similar to regular search engines. The difference, however, is that their programming is designed to crawl through specific sites and bring back email addresses as a result of the search. This means that you can find an email address of a friend, colleague, or family member quickly and easily, without having to search through tons of pages as you would if you were looking for a normal search engine.


ZoomInfo is one of the more well-known email search engines available online. This search engine makes profiles of companies and people in order to help make it easier for you to find the contact information that you are looking for. It claims to have more then 45 million profiles on individuals, and 5 million company profiles. Using it is actually very easy.

Using ZoomInfo

In order to use ZoomInfo, you first need to go to the website, which is available at  From this home page you can choose if you'd like to register with the company. Registering is free and will allow you to save your searches, making it simple to find them again if you need the information another time. It also allows you to create your own profile, or to edit it if one already exists.

Once there, choose whether you're looking for a person or a company simply by clicking on the tabs. If you want a company, you will enter the name of the company. If you'd like to find a friend or family member, simply type in their name. Then ZoomInfo will search through its database in order to find the person that you're looking for. In a matter of seconds it will come up with information for you. You may see the name clearly displayed on the screen, depending on whether the information is available. If you are typing in a popular or common name, you may have to look a bit further into the information. Also, the site uses sponsored links, which may have information you're searching for as well.

Once you click on the link, if there is one there, you will be taken to a page which shows you the name of the person, and the websites that they are affiliated with, along with the online sources which help you know where the information came from.

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