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Free IP Address Websites & Descriptions

If you have a computer and are familiar with the term "IP Address", then you probably know how important it is. An IP address is considered to be the home address of your computer. If someone searches for this information, they will discover where your computer comes from and what type of internet provider you use. They can tell if you're using a corporate or a private line, and whether you're using a wireless connection or not. In order to discover what each IP address means, however, you'll need to find a good free IP address search engine. Here are some of the best available:

Arin - www.arin.net

Arin stands for the American Registry for Internet Numbers, and is a service that is designed to find contact and registration information for resources who are registered with Arin. It will not help you find military IP address information, however, but will work for domestic searches.

WhoIs - www.whois.sc

WhoIs Source is a very clean and basic website. When you open it, all you see is the name of the site and a blank search box. Simply type in the IP address and it will look up all of the information that you're trying to find. This site is free to use.

Reverse DNS Lookup - remote.12dt.com

Remote DNS Lookup works by looking up the IP address. The site states that it can help you find the address of a spammer or anyone trying to hack your computer system. It, too, is free but does ask for donations.

IWeb Tools Reverse IP Look-up - www.iwebtool.com/reverse_ip

Reverse IP Look-Up is very similar to the other sites. It, too, uses a simple search engine in order to help you to find the information about the IP address that you're looking for. This site is also free to use and can actually become a tool on your website.

DomainTools Reverse IP - www.domaintools.com

This website allows you to view IP information and also helps you learn more information about who owns the website. If a company owns the IP address, it will dig for more information about the company and will help you seek out the information that you're really looking for.

There are a number of websites available that will allow you to search for information about the IP address you're looking for. Some of them are free, and others are not. Those that aren't free often give you more information, but those that are free are good for giving you the basics. Make sure you know what you want to find before you go searching.

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