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Google Gmail for Cell Phones

Google has certainly dominated online culture. Not only does it own YouTube and one of the most powerful and popular search engines in the world, but Google also provides users with one of the most inventive and ingenious email clients available.

Google Gmail allows users to sync up their entire lives with their email accounts. Not only are advertisements on Gmail customized to appeal to your interests, but Gmail offers users plenty of space, easy email search functionality, a great spam filter, and most importantly, a feature that keeps multiple messages in one conversation under one thread, which keeps your email account from becoming cluttered and bulky.

Gmail Mobile Makes for a Perfect Solution

Because Gmail is in fact so streamlined, it is a perfect email client for cell phone users, who definitely need to conserve space and avoid excess clutter. Due to Gmail's vast popularity, it is no wonder that it is offered on almost any new cell phone on the market. However, some phones with Gmail are definitely more expensive than others, so budget conscious shoppers will certainly want to know which inexpensive Gmail capable phones are right for them.

What Gmail Mobile Phones are Best?

Google, along with T-Mobile, recently released the GPhone, which sets up an exclusive relationship between its mobile users and the features of Google. A strong competitor with the iPhone, the GPhone, or G1 as it is also called, has its own operating system, called Andrioid. This allows for a good user experience for web browsing, and a friendly user interface. Applications and different programs are easily downloadable, and accessing Gmail account to read email is accessible for its owners.

Many diehard Gmail users also happen to be Mac fans, and this certainly makes sense: Google products not only share the same sleek and user friendly ideology as Mac products, but Mac products also easily sync up with Google applications. Subsequently, the iPhone is definitely a great choice as a Gmail mobile, as it allows users to easily access their Gmail accounts using a very simple interface.

However, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly version, then consider the LG Rumor for Sprint. This is a great mobile phone for Gmail users, and its slide-out keyboard allows for ease when typing lengthy emails. The small yet clear screen on the Rumor allows users to easily read their emails, and messages are delivered and received as fast as they would be on a computer. Also, this little LG gem alerts users when they have a new email message, even if they are not logged in to their Gmail client. For an inexpensive alternative to an iPhone or Blackberry, the LG Rumor for Sprint is definitely a great choice, especially for Gmail mobile users.

If none of these "smart phones" are ideal for you, remember that you can access your Gmail account on any mobile phone that has internet access. While the 3G network provides you with the fastest internet access, even a "regular" mobile phone can allow you to utilize its built-in web browser to log into the Gmail web interface, where you can still perform email searches, albeit at a slower speed.

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