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Government Email Address Directories

When you're trying to find a specific email address, you may go through a great deal of frustration. It can be difficult  to find the address you're looking for, but it can be even more difficult if you're don't have specific information, such as the city and state that the person lives in, or the client they are using. When you start talking about government email addresses, things can get even more complicated. Following a few tips, however, can help you uncover the email address of a person who works for the government.

Work for the Government?

First you need to discover if the person that you're looking for actually works for the government. If you know them, and know that they work for a specific organization, you can search online to see if that organization is affiliated with the government. You can then break it down and learn if they are affiliated with the state or national government.

Another way to discover if they work for the government is if their address contains the words .gov. The majority of people who work for the government have one that ends with .gov, making it easy to figure out if they work for the government or not. You may not have their email address handy now, as you're searching for it, but if you can remember if their email address had .gov in it, you will know that they definitely work for the government.

The Agency

The next step is to figure out the agency they work for. There are tons of different government agencies available to choose from, and being able to narrow it down can help you dramatically in finding the email address you're researching. If you know, for instance, that the person works for the forest service, you can look up the Forestry Service directory. Being able to figure out which agency they work for is a good way to find their contact information fast.

Finding the Email Address

Finding the exact contact information, even when you've discovered exactly where the person works, can be difficult. The plain fact of the matter is that not every government agency has a directory. For instance, you wouldn't like knowing that those who worked with the CIA had their email addresses leaked out all over the internet. This is why some government agencies do not have directories available to use.

A search engine will often be able to look through government directories for you, making it easier to find the information you're searching for, without having to go through the hassle of trying to figure out the agency the person works for and if that specific agency even has a directory associated with it. In reality, it's often easier to find an email address for a person, no matter whether they work for the government or not, through a free search engine.

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