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MSN Hotmail History

The History of Hotmail

In 1996, the world learned about Hotmail, but in reality, it was started shortly before that. Two developers, Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith, began creating Hotmail as a way to access mail through the internet. They wanted to be free from ISP-based email and actually released the program to the public on July 4th, America's Independence Day.

The way they chose the name was particularly interesting. Hotmail uses HTML, the basic internet coding, in order to read the mail that you receive. They knew that they wanted the name to have the phrase "mail" in it, and Hotmail not only had mail, but also looked much like HTML, making it a perfect fit.

In just five months, there were more than 8 million subscribers. Soon after Hotmail became a phenomenon, Microsoft paid $400 million to the owners of the site in order to add it into their growing list of services. Within just two years, the site had more than 30 million active users connected to it, making it one of the fastest growing sites, and the largest webmail services, ever.

The name of the site has changed a few times, as has the programming. In 2005 Microsoft announced that the new system would be called Windows Live Hotmail. While the company has a different interface and a different look, it still holds true to the original values that started the site, which is to offer free web-based email to anyone who asks for it.

Features of Hotmail

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