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How To Find An Email Address

Classmates often want to reconnect. We lose friends and wonder what became of them. We want to reach out to someone for business reasons. We want to share photos with relative far away. These are all common reasons why people search for email addresses, and these searches are done all of the time. The reasons for finding someone's email address are numerous, and because more and more have email these days, it is one of the best ways to locate just about anyone at any time. Whether they choose to respond, however, is what is still up in the air.

Finding an email address is not always possible, but it is something that can be done. There are some things you can think about before you start that will speed up your search in some cases. If you know that someone works for a particular company, you can find a web site for that company to see if they have an employee directory of email addresses. Some do not, but you won't know until you look them up.

If someone works for the government, you may also be able to find them through government web sites. Though not all listings of government email addresses are accurate and include all employees, there are some people that have their emails listed for obvious reasons. Even those that no longer work there may have their emails forwarded to private addresses for a short time after they are done working. It doesn't hurt to try.

You can also look through the results you get through a search on sites like Google, Ask, MSN, Yahoo, and any other search engines out there. Put the name of the person you seek in the search box and see if something comes up. You can also try searching by name though sites like MySpace, FaceBook, Classmates, Reunion, LinkedIn, and various other types of networking sites. Don't forget about the individual directories that many email providers maintain.

If none of those work for you, or you simply don't want to spend so much time on the various searches, you can always go to one place for help with locating a good email address finder. Not only can you find an email address, you will find a host of different services and articles full of information about email in general.

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