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How To Find Business Email Address

There are many different reasons that you may wish to contact a business via e-mail.  One of these reasons could simply be to save money if a phone call would be considered long-distance.  Another reason is to be able to communicate with a company in writing, without having to wait for snail mail to get the information there. 

However, to be able to contact a business via email, you first need to have the email address.  One of the simplest ways to find this information is simply to use your favorite search engine and perform a query for that business's name.  Typically, if a business has an e-mail address, it will also have a website - even if it is only a tiny one - which shares that e-mail address with its prospective customers.

Unfortunately, in an effort to avoid SPAM, some business websites no longer list their e-mail addresses.  This is because many spammers will send site crawlers out to pick up any e-mail addresses listed online.  Therefore, it has become common for businesses to remove their e-mail addresses from their websites in favor of online forms that can be filled out and submitted.  Of course, if you are seeking an e-mail address, this isn't much use to you.

Your next step may be to head to a business information directory online.  Many directories now include the e-mail addresses of businesses, especially those directories that are specialized to a certain kind of business in a specific location. 

For example, online directories that are meant only for restaurants in Boston will be more likely to be able to provide detailed information about the various businesses on its lists.  It will include contact information, as well as a description of the kind of food served, restaurant reviews, and perhaps even a map option.  The contact information is likely to include an e-mail address or a website (where the e-mail address may be listed) in this case.

If all else fails, you can also get a bit more technical and perform a reverse domain search with the domain name of the business's website (assuming you have found a website).  This kind of search will generally show you the information of the person or company to whom the website has been registered and will include an e-mail address.  Though this might not get you in touch with the right person, it may at least allow you to ask someone within the business about the correct e-mail address for you to use.

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