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How To Find My IP Address

Every computer has an IP address, even though most average computer owners don't realize it. IP addresses are a unique address that every computer has. It is used to identify one computer from another and is also used to allow computers to communicate with each other using the Internet Protocol standard. In many ways, an IP is much like a home address or a phone number that is specifically yours. No one else has your phone number, and no one else has your computer's IP address. Knowing your IP can help you keep your computer safe.

Why to Keep Your IP Address Safe

You wouldn't give a stranger your phone number, for fear that they would constantly call and bother you, and you wouldn't give them your address either, for fear that they would cause problems by actually appearing at your house and possibly harming people or property. You might find it helpful to regard your IP address in the same private manner. If someone gets a hold of this information they can instantly peg where your computer is from.

IP addresses are important for many reasons. They're the address that the computer gives websites in order to help the website remember your computer the next time you visit. While you can trust the well-being of your IP address while visiting many mainstream websites, you should be wary or less trusted websites that may not offer the same kind of protection. It is important to know what your IP address is and how to safeguard it as best as possible.

Discovering Your IP Address

There are a few different ways you can find your computer's IP address. If you have Windows, open up a command prompt by opening the "Start" menu and then clicking "All Programs." Once you are there, click on "Accessories" and there you will find "Command Prompt." Once you have opened one up, simply type in the word "ipconfig". This will give you your IP address and may also show you your DNS address and other information.

If you're uncomfortable doing that, you can use a number of different websites that can help you find it. One easy to remember site is My IP Address, found at myipaddress.com. When you open this site, you will be asked to enter a security word. Once you do, the internet site will reveal the information you are seeking.

Knowing what your IP address is can help you protect your computer. You can upload firewalls onto your computer that can block your IP address, and you can also make sure that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands by uploading and using virus protection software and other internet technologies that are designed to help you keep your computer safe.

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