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How To Request An "Email Received" Receipt

E-mail can be a fussy thing, and most of us have had the experience where we've sent an e-mail that has simply never been received. Or, someone will send us an e-mail and we've never received it ourselves. There are many reasons that these e-mails can go missing, such as SPAM filters, typos in the recipient's e-mail address, and simple internet glitches, bugs, and hiccups that seem to occur for no apparent reason.

To make sure that you know when your e-mails have safely arrived and are being read by the recipient, you can send a request for a read receipt along with the e-mail itself. A read receipt will send you a small e-mail message that confirms that your e-mail has been opened by the recipient.

Typically, read receipts work only when the person to whom you're sending the e-mail uses the same e-mail viewing program that you used to send the read receipt - or at least uses a compatible program. Not all programs have this ability. The majority of web-based e-mail viewing programs, such as Windows Live™ Hotmail, will not send a read receipt when they have been sent by a different program, such as Microsoft® Outlook or Microsoft® Outlook Express.

Furthermore, while many people will have activated the automatic acceptance options to read receipt requests, others will have the choice of whether or not to accept each request that arrives with an e-mail. This means that even though the person is using a compatible e-mail program and they have received the receipt, they may choose not to send you confirmation for one reason or another.

For programs that will allow you to make an e-mail read receipt request, there are typically two different options. You can either change your settings so that a read receipt is requested with every e-mail that you send, or you can attach a read receipt request to only specific messages.

Depending on the program you use for your e-mail, you may need to access the "options" or "tools" menu in order to activate the read receipt features that are offered by that program. It is not typically a difficult process as long as the option is available with your program.

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