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How To Retrieve Headers From Top Email Clients

In the world of electronic mail, email headers are very important. This is the information that you need when trying to discover who is sending you messages. Headers can contain a variety of valuable information that is vital for figuring out if you're receiving spam as well as the culprit responsible for perpetuating the unsolicited mail. It can be tricky, however, to figure out how to find the header tutorials in certain clients. Some of the top email clients have many different ways to hide the headers and can make it tricky to find them.

Yahoo Mail

One of the most popular web email clients is Yahoo. Yahoo has been providing internet based mail for a very long time, and is extremely popular among people who are just learning how to use is. If you're trying to find the header, however, you do need to do a little bit of searching. Like many web based email clients, Yahoo doesn't reveal the email header right off, and makes the user have to go searching for it a bit. In order to find the header, please refer to the tutorial here.


AOL has gone through a tremendous amount of change since the company's inception. In the beginning, AOL headers were actually very easy to find. Now, however, it's a bit more difficult. If you're receiving a message from another AOL user, you will be able to notice the header fairly easily. If, however, you're receiving it from someone else who is using a different client, you'll need to go follow a few steps. Please refer to the tutorial here.


Gmail is another web based email client which has become extremely popular. Many business employees have even begun to use Gmail as their primary email client. Although Gmail places substantial emphasis on beefing up privacy features it is concerned about upholding a certain standard of aesthetic appeal. To do so, Gmail hides headers so as to avoid cluttered-looking pages. If you would like to know how to find the header in Gmail, please refer to the tutorial.


Hotmail was one of the first on the scene and is still one of the best web based clients for any newcomer into the internet world. To learn how to find the email header in Hotmail, please head to the tutorial here.

Comcast is an internet carrier that also allows its users to access their email online. There are different ways to find the email header, depending on which way you choose to use. In order to learn how to find the header using Comcast, please refer to this tutorial.


Verizon is another internet and email carrier which allows its users to access mail both through their computer's program and online. If you're interested in learning how to access the header in Verizon, please refer to this tutorial.


MSN/Live allows you to access your web-based email online no matter where you may happen to be. If you want to know how to access the header, please refer to this tutorial.
Almost all of the more popular email programs, both web based and those that are hosted on your own computer, will be able to show you where the header is, but occasionally you need to go searching for it. You can find several header tutorials here.

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