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How To Use "Web 2.0" People Search Tools

Web 2.0 people search tools are providing people with a whole new way to find e-mail addresses online. This is made possible through the next generation Internet's version of social networking.  After all, this allows for a combination of Web 2.0, mashup, and social networking, all in one place for a new evolution of search-ability.  What does this mean?  To know, you'll need to understand what each of those elements are.

- Web 2.0 is a very recent form of internet technology that makes the internet much more flexible and customizable to its users. For Web 2.0 applications, the goal of the data is to be fresh, useful, and relevant and can be manipulated by the users.  "Living" applications are easily utilized, implemented, and adapted.  The web itself becomes the platform for Web 2.0 instead of utilizing the individual user's platform.  Participation becomes much more relevant than publishing, relying on users to create and provide reliable content.

- A mashup is a web-based application which joins function with content using various different kinds of internet technology, such as AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And HTML) and RSS.  Mashups are typically quite basic to program and have therefore been quickly accepted and applied to Web 2.0.  It also allows for a great deal of interactivity for both the developer and the user so that data can easily be manipulated.  This compliments the philosophy of Web 2.0 very well.

- Social networking applications are highly interactive sites that allow people to meet, keep in touch, and share information, music, videos, and other forms of communication.  Friends, colleagues, family members, and romantic partners can join social networking sites and share common interests.

Since there are so many people participating in the social networking sites and these sites are so interactive, it makes it much easier both to look for a person's e-mail address, and to find out about an e-mail address by performing a reverse e-mail search through the site.   These sites are very thorough and accurate, as well as being easy to use.  Furthermore, the majority of them are free to use - which is a price that we can all afford!

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