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Microsoft Live Mail for Cell Phones

Microsoft Live, also often referred to as Windows Live, is not an email client as much as it is a total life client. Microsoft Live allows Windows users complete and total easy access to myriad great functions and applications, such as easy access to messages, email search, a great online storage client, and Live Alerts that remind you of upcoming appointments and milestones. There is also easy access to a messenger client, in addition to a great function that allows you to organize and store all of your photos.

Microsoft Live Mail Mobile - Making Life Easy On The Go

Microsoft Live was designed to be a luxury to Windows users; however, Microsoft has fine tuned its software to be an extremely helpful resource to mobile users as well. Any web enabled device can be easily synced to Microsoft Live Mail's mobile server. Besides what you will need to pay with your carrier for your monthly web expenses, Microsoft Live is totally free. Indeed, all you need is simply a user name, also known as a "Live ID." Although Microsoft Live is available on myriad phones, there is still definitely one phone that stands ahead of the pack when it comes to utilizing Microsoft Live on the go.

Palm Treo Pro: An Outstanding Microsoft Live Mail Mobile Phone

The best phone that we have seen for Microsoft Live usage is definitely the Palm Treo Pro Smartphone, a Windows Mobile phone that really puts the user in control. With an easy to use interface that resembles what Windows users would see when firing up their computer, the Palm Smartphone is easy to use, and it also arrives with great features. This phone has WiFi and GPS capabilities, in addition to easily syncing with any photos or information that you have entered into your Microsoft Live account. Many believe this phone is ideal for business usage, stemming from the fact that it has great organizational devices and a very simple QWERTY keyboard.

Using the iPhone as a Microsoft Live Mail Mobile

iPhone users do not need to switch plans to use Microsoft Live mobile. Although Microsoft Live is definitely a Windows program, users' LiveID accounts can be easily accessed from their iPhones if they simply log into Safari. Although Microsoft Live is definitely made to be more compatible with a Windows Mobile phone, most of the great features can still be accessed through Safari. In fact, any cell phone user with a decent web browser can access their Microsoft Live mobile accounts. However, the benefits of utilizing Microsoft Live through a sleek and large screened phone like the iPhone or the Palm Treo definitely has some clear advantages.

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