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MSN Hotmail for Cell Phones

Second only to AOL, Hotmail was the most popular email client during the early days of the internet. Now owned by MSN, Hotmail has indeed decreased in popularity over the years, due to newer and sleeker email clients like Gmail and Yahoo.

MSN Hotmail Mobile Features

However, many Hotmail users have stayed loyal over the years, perhaps because of Hotmail's reliability and constant improvements to their interface. Ever since Hotmail paired with the MSN network, it has increased its "extra" features, some of which can be accessed on mobile phones.

Not only does the Hotmail home page now include streaming news and stock quotes, but it also features a great instant messenger that rivals AOL's "AIM" client in quality and user friendliness. This tried and true email client is certainly treasured by its longtime users, who appreciate the fact that Hotmail can be easily accessed from any computer and potentially any mobile phone.

Which MSN Hotmail Mobile Phone and Service Are Best?

However, Hotmail is not as popular as a pre-installed staple on cell phones, with Gmail and Yahoo Mail taking the place as the leading mobile email clients. Nonetheless, on the go Hotmail users definitely need to access their email no matter where they are, and thankfully, there are a few options for MSN Hotmail mobile users.

Verizon users can celebrate, as they are subscribers to the leading cell phone provider when it comes to access to MSN messenger and Hotmail. For only an addition $2.99 a month, Verizon users have breezy access to their Hotmail accounts, in addition to MSN messenger.

The MSN messenger client on the Verizon network also happens to be top-notch. Not only is it extremely expedient and reliable, but the design of the program is flawless and extremely similar to what you would see if you were utilizing MSN messenger on your computer.

Which specific Verizon phones are best for MSN messenger and Hotmail? The LG VX4500 is a no-frills simple flip phone that allows users not only great access to MSN messenger and Hotmail, but easy access to the Verizon music network.

Looking for a mobile phone that is a bit fancier? The Samsung Glyde is an amazing touch screen phone, quite similar to the iPhone. It is truly one of the best phones on the market, as it provides users with a touch screen in addition to a slide out QWERTY keyboard. Thus, it allows users to easily type emails and carry on mobile messaging conversations. This MSN Hotmail mobile phone is also Bluetooth capable, along with featuring a fantastic megapixel camera. MSN messenger and Hotmail users will definitely be pleased with this excellent Verizon mobile phone.

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