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New Technologies Enable Easier Reverse Email Lookups

Web 2.0 is a brand new World Wide Web tools technology (as well as a philosophy for using it) that has web designers, developers, and regular web users abuzz with a whole new form of information sharing and user collaboration.  Among the most popular forms of Web 2.0 used right now is social-networking in combination with blogs, wikis, and other forms of sharing.  With the spike in popularity, Web 2.0 tools are also a tremendous opportunity for helping you to perform a reverse e-mail search.

Currently, the main tools encompassed by Web 2.0 technologies are social bookmarking, tagging, blogs, RSS, and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), but Web 2.0 is not at all limited to only those tools.   It functions with the philosophy that the people who utilize the Internet's various media forms shouldn't simply be passively absorbing, but should instead be actively contributing in order to customize the technology and media to best suit their needs - as well as the needs of other users.

This is how Web 2.0 tools become so valuable for reverse e-mail searching.  Information about e-mail addresses is much more possible in this format.  Some of the most popular Web 2.0 tools for this style of use  include:

- RapLeaf - Among RapLeaf's features for job searching, people searching, and customer searching, is a reverse e-mail search tool to help you find out about the people who are sending you emails. All you need to do is enter an email address, and within an hour, the web will have been searched for related information.  You can be notified by email of the success of a reverse email search, or you can simply check back in an hour to discover the results. There is no need to keep the site open as it searches.

- iKarma - iKarma is a free third-party service that helps businesses and individuals to collect and manage the information they have about their friends, family, and customers.  It helps to promote a reputation and maintain relationships.  Reverse email searches can be performed within the site's directory of members.

- Diigo - Diigo is a free, membership-based personal research Web 2.0 tool.  Once a member, you can search for information about everything from market research, to car repairs, the latest celebrity news, or information about an email address. 

These are only a tiny sampling of the Web 2.0 tools available out there that can help with a reverse e-mail search.  Their power, like their popularity, is ever-increasing.

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