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Opt-in Directories

In today's technological world, not everyone wants to be found. There are, however, many that do. If you want to make sure that whoever is trying to contact you can find you. One way to do this is to use an opt-in email directory. These directories are often the easiest way to make an email address of yours known, allowing anyone with a basic knowledge of searching the internet to contact you.

What Is an Opt-In Directory?

Many years ago, directories used to be owned strictly by the individual email providers. These companies would make directories available so that people could find any email user that was using the same service. These directories were eventually brought together into one, like a large phone book to create the first real opt-in directories. Today, these directories use highly sophisticated technology to speed up the information retrieval process and create a much better overall user experience.

Can You Opt-Out?

Many people wonder if it is truly necessary to opt into a directory or if they have the option to opt-out their information if they eventually change their minds. The answer is yes. You can choose to opt your information out of an email directory if you so choose. You do, however, need to be aware that it may make it harder for someone to get in contact with you. Not having your name on an email directory means that someone who doesn't know your current email address may have to jump through a few hoops in order to get in touch with you.

Many people choose to use a secondary email address to submit to a directory. These people use the services of companies like Gmail and Yahoo Mail in order to provide a public email address without having to give their private one out.

Future of Opt-In Directories

There have been a number of opt-in directories that have existed, especially in the last few years. Thanks to social media sites like MySpace and Facebook, people are realizing that they can connect with their friends and former colleagues thanks to the internet and are using opt-in directories in order to do so.

Some experts say that opt-in directories will not exist in the next few years, mainly due to social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. The one thing that many of these so-called experts forget, however, is that not everyone has a Facebook or a Myspace account, and not everyone wants their high school friends to find them, but may be looking to make their email address available for their co-workers or potential clients. Opt-in directories will stay online for that reason alone, and the convenience that these directories offer will make it easy for electronic mail to continue being one of the primary points of contact for most.

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