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Reunite With Your Old Classmates

Have you ever wondered what ever happened to some of those people you used to hang out with back in your school days?  Fortunately, the internet can provide you with that answer as long as you look in the right places. 

Many social networking sites provide you with a great way to connect with those people you thought you'd never hear from again.  The following are the most popular social networking sites for finding those long-lost school chums.

- Facebook -  this is a very large site that attracts people from around the world and includes people of all ages over 13 years.  The site is absolutely free, and allows you to search using both first and last names. The site provides you with additional results in case you aren't sure of the spelling of the name you're looking for.  As it is one of the top two social networking sites on the web, it is very likely that you'll be able to find the person you're looking for if they participate in social networking.

- MySpace - this site is free to use and is among the most popular sites on the World Wide Web.  The minimum age to join is 14 years. Its search-ability is quite extensive through names, e-mail addresses, and other information.  Furthermore, a limited profile is permitted to people even if they haven't registered with the site, allowing you to determine whether the profile does indeed belong to the person you used to go to school with before making contact with him or her. It is one of the two top social networking sites, therefore providing some of the top results for finding former classmates.

- LinkedIn - this site is geared more toward professionals who are seeking to networking for new business connections and get a new job.  The site will allow you to search for a large number of people, but only some of its features are free, while the rest are paid.  It is usually considered more appropriate for making contact on a professional level than for searching for old friends.

- Reunion.com - this site features a membership of over 25 million users, and claims to be increasing its population by up to 40,000 new users with each passing day.  This is the leading site geared specifically toward making connections with former classmates from high school and college.  However, these searching features do not come free.  Indeed, you can search the site for your old friends and schoolmates, but if you want to make contact with them, you'll need to get your wallet out.

- Classmates.com - to use the site, you need to enter all of your pertinent educational information so that you'll be able to find people from your educational institutions as well as the years you attended those schools.  You are then able to see the list of the other students who attended at the same time as you.  That, however, is where the free features end. From there on in, you need to pay to be able to access any of the contact information of the people you're looking for.

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