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Search by Email: How Accurate Is It?

Before searching by email, one question will naturally come to mind: "How do I know whether or not the information I get from this service are accurate?" This is a smart and cautious question. After all, why pay money for inaccurate email addresses?

Fortunately, the good search-by-email companies properly vet their sources and do their due diligence to ensure that the information that they find for their customers are accurate and reliable.

To that end, it is worth considering where search by email companies find their email addresses in their databases. Since these services are only as reliable as their sources, it becomes not a question about the reliability of the services qua services, but instead about the liability of the sources.

Public Records: Search by Email

Far and away the most used (and most reliable) sources these websites use to search by email are in the form of public records. Public records in government databases or other official sources are incredible accurate. However, they are often difficult to cull through and curate. This is why it is important for search by email companies to do a thorough job of not only curating these records, but also of making these records easily searchable.

Most search by email services do not stop at public records. While public records can help build the initial databases these services use, the most professional and accurate of these companies corroborate this data with other sources, such as white page records, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, or other sources where individuals may have posted their contact information.

Triangulation in Search by Email

Whenever a company attempts to find information about someone based on just an email address, triangulation is a very important step in the corroboration process. Just as your smartphone will use multiple sources, such as WiFi, cellular tower information, and GPS data in order to triangulate your location, so too do email search companies use multiple sources to ensure that the data that they provide is as accurate as possible.

For example, let's say someone is harassing you via email, and you want to discover who it is. If you provide an email search company with the email address, the search company will attempt to match the email address with multiple sources. If the email ones up in public records searches as well as in social network services, then the company has almost certainly found a positive match.

While it is difficult to be certain of the veracity of information, especially when an email is the launch-point, it is possible to get close-to-100% accuracy. When picking an email search company, the most important thing to ensure is that the company searches multiple sources when finding information about individuals.

Doing so will save you frustration, time, and money, as you will have ensured that the information you get from these companies is from multiple reliable sources.

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