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Top Tips For Finding People Online

If you're looking to find someone, the internet will quickly become your best friend as it opens up many different searching avenues.  To get the most out of your searching efforts, you will first want to collect all of the information that you know about the person you want to search for.  This can include the person's:

- First name
- Middle name or initial
- Last name
- City, state, and/or country of residence
- Workplace
- Current or former educational institution
- Hobbies and interests
- Memberships in organizations

Any information that you can think of about him or her may be helpful for finding the person you're looking for.  Once you've collected your information, try the following different methods for people searching:

- Perform various queries for the person's name using several large search engines.  Try different word combinations along with the person's name.  You may wish to write the person's name within quotation marks to ensure that you'll only be calling up results with that name and in that spelling.

- If search engines don't help or aren't providing results that are refined enough, you may want to search phone directories online, provided you know the country, state, or city in which the person currently resides. 

- Social networking sites and their dramatically increasing popularity are allowing many people to reach one another where all other methods have previously failed.  Social networking sites allow you to perform searches through names, e-mail addresses, and sometimes other relevant information as well.

- Some people find that if they post a request to find a person using Craigslist or other popular online classifieds sites, with the help of different people online, they can often track down the missing individual.

- If you have a former telephone number and/or address of the person, you can check to see if they still reside there or have maintained that phone number by performing a reverse phone search or reverse address search online.

- When all else fails, you may choose to hire a private investigator.  This should be considered a last resort, though, as it is by far the most costly option.

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