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University E-mail Directories

College is a wonderful time in every young adult's life. In addition to being able to pursue long-awaited academic endeavors and develop a worldly appreciation for diversity among curricular disciplines, people, and potential careers, college is also a great time to establish a solid and long-lasting social network.  Many college grads, however, experience a bit of difficulty maintaining a connection to that social network after graduating. It's almost as though people begin to disappear once they begin working on their careers, getting married and starting families. The good news is that if you've lost contact with an old college friend, you can use university email directories to help you re-establish your connection.

University Email

Universities were among the first to realize how wonderfully useful email could be for their students and faculty. As a matter of fact every university in the nation now has a distinct email system set up for their students to use. Students are given a name, which is usually a combination created from their first and last name put together, and are then given a university address, which is generally something like @blankuniversity.edu. This particular scenario works our in many instances. However, it's not always this easy.

To begin with, you need to know the name the school uses for their email addresses. Some schools use their full name while others use abbreviations or acronyms of the name. You may be able to find this information by going onto the school website and reviewing the general informational email address.

Then you have to find out what name university has assigned to your friend or family member. While many colleges choose to use the typical last name first initial scheme, others choose to do it differently, and you may be sending a wonderful letter to the wrong person if you do not verify that you are sending the right letter.


And then there are those who choose not to use the university mail and, instead, use a separate account to receive their mail. Fortunately many of these students are required to register their email address so that they can receive information from their professors or from the college. Most colleges have made it easy to find the correct address by creating a directory of their very own.

Much like larger email directories, these college directories work when you input the name of the student that you are looking for. They will then populate the information so that you can contact that specific student. Some directories, however, are only accessible to those who have been granted access to the directory, which can make it difficult to get the email that you are looking for. When all else fails, contact the college directly.

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