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Use Google & Yahoo For Reverse Email Lookups

It's not always easy to discover someone's e-mail address when they haven't specifically given it to you.  After all, there is no single directory that includes every e-mail address from every domain and subdomain around the world.  However, if you use a search engine, then you may be able to discover a person's address if it has ever been posted on a website (of course, you'll need a bit of luck, too).

To start, you will want to gather all of the information you know about the person so that you can make several effective searches.  This may include the person's:

- Full name
- Phone number
- Address
- Place of work
- Hobbies
- Schools
- Memberships in organizations

Remember, the more you know about a person, the better your odds of finding out their address online if it is indeed out there.  Once you've gathered all of your information together, it's time to start making the search engines work for you.  Don't limit yourself to a single search engine, but instead open up your chances by using a few of your favorite major search engines and directories.  These might include:

- Google
- Yahoo!
- Ask
- AOL Search
- Altavista

Searching techniques will involve combining the search engines with the information you've gathered. 

Begin by typing the person's name within quotation marks in the search field.  By placing the name within quotation marks, you'll make sure that your results will only include sites that have that exact name with that precise spelling and with the names in that order.  If you are searching for a very common name, this will likely bring up more results than you'll be able to realistically manage.  Therefore, you'll want to refine your search at this point. 

Refining your search means adding some of the additional information you gathered.  Keep the name in the quotation marks and then add information such as a business name where that person may work, the name of a school he or she attends, or something else from your information that may draw up a website where an e-mail may be listed. 

With a bit of persistence, many site previews, and a lot of luck, you'll discover the e-mail address you've been looking for.

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