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Verizon Mail for Cell Phones

Verizon is an extremely popular cell phone service carrier, and for good reason. They are setting a new standard of quality, emerging as one of the new leaders in home phone, television packages, and high speed internet. Unlike other providers such as Comcast or Time Warner, Verizon also offers users a phenomenal wireless plan. Their service plans and phones offer great deals for scores of user friendly products.

Verizon Mail: Mobile Perfection for Email Users

Verizon Mail is not simply a mail program strictly for cell phones, but rather a fantastic email client that can certainly hold its own against the more established email clients like Gmail. Verizon mail users do not even need to rely solely on their Verizon phone to access their email accounts either. Rather, Verizon Mail is easily accessed from any computer with an internet connection. The interface and great address book options on Verizon email also make it a great option for any cell phone user who definitely needs to stay connected when on the go. The ease and great features of Verizon mail make it reason enough to consider making the switch to Verizon, as their mail client is truly unparalleled by any other carriers.

The Best Verizon Mail Mobile Phones

Looking for a fantastic Verizon Mail mobile phone that will present an optimal email experience? The Samsung Omnia is one of Verizon's newer phones, and it offers amazing features perfect for email and email searches. Similar to an iPhone (but far less delicate), the Omnia offers a full-color touch screen with a great full HTML web browser. The definition on this screen is wonderful, and it is highly efficient for creating and sending emails through Verizon Mail. It also has the obvious perks like a megapixel camera and Bluetooth.

While the Samsung Omnia is indeed a very cool phone, some email conscious users may require a phone that makes typing emails quickly a little bit easier. The Samsung Glyde is a touch screen phone that also features a slide out keyboard. This keyboard is a full QWERTY keyboard, and it is one of the most easily used slide-out keyboards on any mobile phone. This Verizon Mail mobile phone is also a total rarity, as touch screen phones don't usually offer an additional keyboard. It truly is the best of both worlds when it comes to cell phone technology. While it may not have the high definition of the Omnia, the Glyde makes using Verizon Mail on the go a total cinch. Also, it is priced lower than the Omnia, making this a great choice for any budget minded new mobile phone buyers.

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