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Verizon Mail History

The History of Verizon Online

Verizon Online DSL is also sometimes called Verizon High Speed Internet. It is a DSL line which is offered using the existing telephone lines that Verizon has already laid down, making it easy to access for most Verizon customers.

While access is available to most customers, there are some who are too far away from the central office, or who do not have the right type of phone lines laid out, to be able to get access to Verizon DSL.

Like many phone internet providers, Verizon Online began slowly, allowing people to log onto the internet using their phone lines as everyone was doing. Once they began to see the profit, however, they slowly began to upgrade their lines to allow for DSL. Now the majority of Verizon customers have Verizon Online DSL and are able to access not only high speed internet, but also Verizon email as well.

Features of Verizon Mail

Verizon Mail