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Yahoo Mail History

The History of Yahoo

In 1996, JoJo Healy realized that the internet was becoming a very big deal and knew that email was one of the most important features. He was the investment banker who had put his money into Yahoo in the very beginning. In 1996, Hotmail and Mirabilis were available for sale and Yahoo's company decided to purchase them, but they decided that the price was too high and ended up purchasing Four11. In 1997, Four11 had created Rocketmail, a well-received web based email program that was offered to the public. Shortly after that, Yahoo Mail was launched.

It was said that it was easier to purchase Four11 than it was to build the entire web based email structure. At the time that they created Yahoo Mail, many users were already going to Hotmail or another form of web based email, so, according to the designers and owners of Yahoo, speed was critical.

At the time of the transition, many Rocketmail users had a hard time. Yahoo decided to release a number of help pages in order to help those users who were having a hard time transitioning. In 2002, however, they cut the access to Rocketmail and offered a pay-per-year forwarding service.

Now individuals can use the free Yahoo Mail or they can choose to purchase Yahoo Mail Plus. Yahoo Mail Plus has a number of features that the original Yahoo does not have, including more space for email storage, an easier time attaching things to each email, POP access and forwarding abilities, and no account expiration.

The free version of Yahoo recently increased storage space for users in order to appease those customers who were ready to switch over to other web based email clients which offered larger storage space for nothing.

Features of Yahoo Mail

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