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"You've Got Mail" is the phrase an entire generation grew up with, and it's all thanks to AOL. Officially launched as AOL in 1989, it was initially listed under Quantum Computer Services. Almost 20 years later, AOL is at the head of its class, creating gaming that wins awards, providing internet access globally, and making its millions off of popular websites like TMZ.

AOL offers both free and paid accounts to millions of users around the world. With user-friendly interfaces, access from smart phones and computers everywhere, and many features other email providers just can't offer, it's no wonder that thousands of new users sign up with this amazing company every single day.

AOL offers a number of possible plans. You can get internet access for your computer via AOL, you can get a free web mail account with the help of AOL. You can even get free access to an instant message service thanks to AOL. It's certainly a service that's worth exploring.

Find Emails in AOL

Once you've logged onto your email account, you will be guided to AOL mail which is a simple page that lists your emails in the categories of new mail, old mail, sent mail, spam, and recently deleted. Messages that you have already read will be shaded gray and messages that you have yet to read will be black and bolded.  AOL allows its members to have unlimited email space so you have no worry of getting important messages bounced away from your account because it is full.   AOL also allows you to search within your own emails, which makes it much easier to sift through hundreds of messages

Find an AOL User's Email Address

A primary concern of AOL is maintaining the privacy and anonymity of its members which is why they do not have an email directory that is accessible to anyone.  This can make finding an AOL user more difficult because there is no directory in which to conduct a member search.  However, there are other less direct ways of carrying out an email search.

Social networking sites, like Myspace, Facebook, and LinkedIn exist solely for the purpose of connecting people and bringing them together. Anyone who is searching for a specific person, no matter how long it has been since they have connected, would do well to look on a social networking site. Once you find the person there, you can send them an email, even if you haven't 'friended' them, and can connect with them there.

Reverse AOL Email Address Lookup

If you are looking for the name of the owner of an AOL email address, unfortunately there are not any specific tools that AOL offers for its users to look up this information. However, there are free email search sites available to use online. These sites take away a bit of the guess work by combing through the internet for you in order to find the email address that you're looking for. Much like how Google is a search engine, a free email search site is capable of crawling through millions of websites in seconds. The more information you know, for example where your friend lives, the easier it is for the site to locate the person that you are looking for.

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