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Within the email space, there have come to be many different webmail services that serve the main purpose of acting as a space for emails to be sent and received. Even though these email accounts serve the basic purpose of writing and reading emails, these webmail services each have different advantages and offer a unique service and customer experience.

The main webmail services are AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, & Hotmail. There are also email clients that are subscriber based, such as Comcast and Verizon. Each of these has their own special features, with some offering member search, email directories, and other services. Below is an overview of all the major webmail directories, with a more in depth look into what each offers.

AOL Mail

"You've Got Mail" is the phrase an entire generation grew up with, and it's all thanks to AOL. Officially launched as AOL in 1989, it was initially listed under Quantum Computer Services. Almost 20 years later, AOL is at the head of its class, creating gaming that wins awards...

Comcast Mail

Comcast is the second largest Internet service provider in the nation. They provide internet to millions of homes and look as though they will soon become the number one internet provider in the nation. Not only does Comcast provide internet services, they also provide cable television and are the number one provider in the nation of cable television.

Google Gmail

Gmail is one of the more unique web based email providers out there. Gmail quickly gained popularity and is now being used by millions of people around the world. Unlike some other web based email providers, Gmail is considered high brow enough to be used as a business email address by many people, and is often used by everyone from the average person to business executives and CEO's of large corporations.

Microsoft Mail

Anything you want, Window's Live has it. Window's Live was first offered to the general public in 2005. Owned by popular Microsoft, Windows Live is a brand name for a number of different services and pieces of software that exist to help people meet both their personal and professional needs.

MSN Hotmail

In 1996, if you were using a web based email, it was probably Hotmail. Hotmail came from out of nowhere and has the distinction of being the first free webmail service to come into existence. It was a shock to most internet fans at that point in time to learn that you could have free email, accessible no matter where you went, without having to go through a huge hassle.

Verizon Mail

Verizon Communications is a broadband and telecommunications company that was formed in 2000. It has since become one of the most well known telecommunication companies available, specializing in not only home phone lines but also wireless phones and high speed internet access.

Yahoo Mail

If you're looking to use a web based email client, you've probably heard of Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Mail has been the primary source of web based email for a very long time, and has become extremely popular for their search engine and other unique things that you can do on their site.

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