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Email Tracing

Confused about all of the technical elements of email technology, such as IP addresses, how to perform an email trace, or what exactly email tracking is? This short primer should help clear up any confusion you have about email technology.

Email Tracing

Email tracing has become a popular topic these days. An email trace is a method utilized by internet users to find out the identity of an account holder. By simply plugging the email address into a quick and easy search engine, within seconds, one can obtain the name and other relevant information associated with the email address. This may sound a little scary to people who adore email for its anonymity and easy access to privacy. However, this can be very useful for people who desperately need to obtain the information of a person, or people who would like to bust a pesky scammer or pest.

Email Tracking

Email tracking is the practice of monitoring the progression of an email from your outbox to the recipient's inbox. This methodology informs you of the recipient's IP address, in addition to the exact time when they received your message and opened it. This technology is basically the digital equivalent of monitoring a package you send as it makes its way to its eventual destination.

Email tracking technology can be extremely useful for people who wish to keep tabs on an important message, or double check to make sure that it has actually reached its recipient. Email tracking can also help companies and people who are sending promotional emails in figuring out just how many people are actually reading their messages.

However, some believe that email tracking is a large violation of privacy, since it allows senders to closely monitor what their recipients are doing with their messages, and the technology also informs them of what specific times the recipients logged onto their account. Others argue that this technology is completely acceptable, since it is not necessarily revealing a significant amount of personal information to those who employ this method.

IP Addresses

You may think that the only important address you possess is the one that identifies the location of your home. In actuality, your IP address, or "Internet Protocol" address, is your virtual address. It is a long number that is one hundred percent unique to you, and it cannot be duplicated or copied. People may resent IP addresses, since even the most well-intentioned of people appreciate the privacy and complete anonymity that the internet provides. However, an IP address aids in helping law enforcement track down people who wish to engage in harmful or abusive practices online. Law abiding citizens do not need to worry about being harassed via their IP address.

Email Headers

Email headers contain all of the information that you see before the actual body of the email. These header lines show you who sent an email, who received it, and at what time on what day. Email headers can be useful to people who would like to organize their emails manually, as well as for those who want to know exactly what time an email was sent. Most modern email clients make accessing email headers quite simple. The subject of an email is also considered to be an aspect of email headers.

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