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Reverse Email Search

Similar to cell phones, email addresses may be used to find information about a person--including their name, address, and phone number--by simply entering their email address into a reverse email look up search engine.

A reverse email lookup can prove to be quite convenient for myriad reasons. As with any other technological developments, to search by email can be useful in the business world, as it can allow you to discover the identity of an email contact, without having to send the embarrassing "Who are you again?" message. This function can also provide a wonderful service if you are being harassed by a scammer. Instead of simply blocking them from your inbox, you can find an address by email or find a name by email, and then proceed to turn in their identity and incriminating information to the FBI and investigative groups that prosecute such criminals.

To develop a better understanding of this ingenious technology, let us take a closer look at some of the pros and cons of reverse email.

Pro: For a Fee, Reverse Email Help You Find the Information You Need

If you are willing to pay a small fee, it is quite simple to discover anything and everything you would need to know about a person by using only their email address. You can easily find a physical address through email reverse lookups, discover what type of websites a person frequents, as well as what memberships they have to social networking websites.

Con: For Free, Reverse Email Options Can Be Limited

There are some free reverse email search engines that allow you to find a name by email addresses. However, some of these search engines are limited. Similar to a pre-paid cell phone, it is quite easy for individuals to register emails under false names. Most of these free search engines search only these user controlled databases, and the results will not be representative of the authentic information of the account holder.

Pro: Reverse Email Lookups Can Be Extremely Useful

Discovering the identity of the owner of an email address can be extremely useful. Besides the aforementioned reasons, these reverse email lookups allow people to track down old friends, or to see if a new prospective online love match is being truthful. And, as stated above, finding someone by email can be helpful when trying to bust a scammer or phisher.

As you can see, when it comes to finding someone by their email address, the pros certainly outweigh the cons. This helpful tool can greatly aid in identifying an old business contact, verifying the information of a new friend, or busting a pesky scammer.

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