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International Searches

Email is an incredibly powerful technology, one which enables us to communicate with a vast array of people in the blink of an eye. No matter where people are located, they can easily be contacted via email if they have a web-connected computer.

However, many people are in a difficult situation when it comes to finding the email of an international contact. Unlike domestic email addresses, international email addresses are not easily accessed by free email search engines. Running an international email search is unfortunately not yet a free service that is available to Americans. Hopefully, someday this will change; however, for now, people can use creative tactics if they would like to find an international email address.

Since there are many different aspects to consider when you are on the hunt for an international email address, we have compiled a list of a few tips and tricks to make the process easier.

Before Beginning, Consider Language Differences

If you are trying to find a foreign language email address, an international email search may prove even more difficult. This level of difficulty is heightened if the address owner is located in a country that utilizes an entirely different alphabet, such as Russia. If you are searching for a Spanish or French email address, you may have a bit more success, since their language utilizes a similar alphabet to English. However, whenever you send an email to a foreign address, bear in mind that failing to include the accent marks in their email address can result in a failure to deliver notice.

Social Networking Sites

You can easily utilize social networking sites to perform an international email search. By searching a person's name on a site like Myspace or Facebook, you can easily discover the email address of any member. These sites are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, which makes finding an international address ever so easy. However, it is important to remember that some foreign countries utilize social networking sites that are not commonly used in the United States. For example, Brazil and much of South America relies on the network Orkut rather than Myspace or Facebook. This Google-owned social networking website simply never became popular in the US or UK.

Simple Web Search

It is relatively easy to use sites like Google or Yahoo! to perform an international email search. If your foreign contact has published their name and email address together on any website, chances are that it will be easily accessed by running a simple search. This is not always a one hundred percent guarantee, but it is definitely a good start when you are trying to find an international email.

Good luck in trying to find an international email address. With a little bit of web skill, you can find the right email addresses, wherever the recipient should live!

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