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Anything you want, Window's Live has it. Window's Live was first offered to the general public in 2005. Owned by popular Microsoft, Windows Live is a brand name for a number of different services and pieces of software that exist to help people meet both their personal and professional needs. There are a number of free web based programs that you can find through the Live brand, including: Window's Live Download, Window's Live Essential, Window's Live Events, Window's Live Expo, Window's Live Messenger, Window's Live Movie Maker, and Window's Live Hotmail.

Many people are surprised to learn that the popular Hotmail is actually owned by Windows. It didn't used to be. When Hotmail first started, it grew and became popular without a corporate owner. Eventually, however, the brand was purchased by Windows and transformed into the free web based email client it is now.

Find Emails in MSN/Live

If you signed up with Hotmail before they switched to the new version, you will still have access to the old format. In order to gain access now, however, you will need to sign up and will be given access to the new format of Window's Live Hotmail.

Once you have logged onto the site, to complete your email search, look to the left hand side of the screen. There you will see the word "Inbox". Next to that word there will be a number. If the number is bold, that is the amount of new emails that have come into your inbox. In order to read your email, simply click on the inbox and you will be taken to a listing of the emails you have yet to open.

To read one of those emails, simply click on it. It will allow the email to open in the reading pane so that you can read and enjoy it. Responding to an email that you have read is extremely easy. If you want to respond, click on the word "reply". This allows you to send an email back to the person who emailed you. If you want to send the email along to someone else, such as you would likely do if you had a good joke you wanted friends and family to see, just click forward, or FW, type in their address, and you will be able to send them a copy of the email that you just read.

If spam or junk mail has somehow gotten past the protection software and is on your computer, simply click the word junk on the top of the mail. This will put it into the trash and will mark it as a blocked sender, stopping anyone who sends that sort of email from reaching your inbox again.

Find an MSN/Live User's Email Address

Thanks to the uniqueness of the Windows Live brand, there is a directory that is associated with Window's Live Hotmail. This directory has a list of the users' names, and the emails that go along with them, put together in one easy place, making it much simpler to perform a member search to find someone who is using a Windows Live Hotmail account. Keeping things unique, however, this directory acts a bit more like a social networking site, similar to MySpace or Facebook.

The directory is found at This will bring you to the Windows Live Hotmail directory homepage. Once you are there you will be asked to log in. You can log in using your Windows Live username and password, which would be the same as the email address that you have if you're a Window's Live Hotmail user. If you do not have a Hotmail or MSN account, you will need to create one in order to use it, or you can simply use one of the many free email directories that you can find online.

Once you log onto the site you will be able to search the site for people who have a Windows Live Hotmail email address. Not only can you do that, but Windows Live also lets you post photos, lists, blogs, and lets you also post a profile. Anyone who has a Windows Live account can do this, making it enjoyable to not only reconnect, but to also discover what has been going on in their life since you last spoke with them.

Reverse MSN/Live Email Address Lookup

If you're unable to find the right name with an email address on the Windows Live Hotmail directory, you can still look for it online. There are a number of free email search websites which will allow you to search for the name and email address of a person. The more you know about the person, such as where they live, the easier it is to find their email address so that you can contact them.

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