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In 1996, if you were using a web based email, it was probably Hotmail. Hotmail came from out of nowhere and has the distinction of being the first free webmail service to come into existence. It was a shock to most internet fans at that point in time to learn that you could have free email, accessible no matter where you went, without having to go through a huge hassle.

The biggest shocker of Hotmail wasn't necessarily that it was free, but that you could log in to view your web messages anywhere you could gain internet access. Prior to this, you had to have an account with a company and were only able to download email directly onto your computer. These companies didn't have the space available to store your messages for you, and so they made it necessary for you to download them so that you could view them. While this was a good idea, it didn't help anyone who wanted to be able to check their email no matter where they happened to be.

Now most internet providers have web based email for their clients. Following in Hotmail's example, they have set up websites that you can visit that will allow you to be able to check your mail wherever you are, regardless of whether you are vacationing in the Bahamas or visiting Grandma across the country for Christmas dinner. Hotmail was the first player in the game to make this happen.

Find Emails in Hotmail

Once you have logged onto the site, look to the left hand side of the screen. There you will see the word "Inbox". Next to that word there will be a number. If the number is bold, that is the amount of new emails that you have amassed. If there is a number but it isn't bold, that is the amount of emails that you have in your inbox, but they may have already been read. If you want to read your email, simply click on the word "Inbox" and you will be taken to your inbox where all of the emails that you have yet to have opened will be bold.

To read one of those emails, just click on it. This will open it up in the reading pane so that you can read and enjoy it. Responding to an email that you have read is extremely easy. If you want to respond, click on the word "reply". This allows you to send an email back to the person who emailed you. If you want to send the email along to someone else, such as you would likely do if you had a good joke you wanted friends and family to see, just click forward, or FW, type in their address, and you will be able to send them a copy of the email that you just read.

If spam or junk mail has somehow gotten past the protection software and is on your computer, simply click the word junk on the top of the mail. This will put it into the trash and will mark it as a blocked sender, stopping anyone who sends that sort of email from reaching your inbox again.

Find a Hotmail User's Email Address

Like some email providers, Hotmail has its own directory. A directory is much like a phone book that you would have in your home. It has a list of the users' names, and the emails that go along with them, put together in one convenient place, making it much easier to conduct a MSN member search in order to find someone who uses a Hotmail account. Unlike other email providers, however, the way that Hotmail chooses to list this information is in the form of a social networking site, much like MySpace or Facebook.

Once you log onto the site you will be able to search for friends that you have that are also on the website. Not only can you do that, but Windows Live also lets you post photos, lists, blogs, and lets you also post a profile. If you can do this, so too can your friend on Hotmail, so you're able to see much more than just their email address or their phone number, you're able to connect directly into their life.

Interestingly enough, Windows Live Spaces also has a number of other unique things that you can do with it. One of these is a Contact Card. Due to the contact card email account searches have been revolutionized. A Contact Card is much like a business card, only available in the virtual world! This card makes reverse email lookups much more reliable because when you search someone's email address you get much more than simply a name. This card has a little message from the person you are looking for, and also can show a summary of their blog entries and songs that they've been listening to. This makes it easy to know if you have found the right person on the site or not.

Reverse Hotmail Email Address Lookup

As mentioned above, the convenience of the Contact Card offered with this email service makes the Hotmail user search much easier for its members. However, if you're unable to find the right email address on the Hotmail directory, you can still look for it online. There are a number of free websites which will allow you to search for the name and email address of a person. The more you know about the person, such as where they live and the like, the easier it is to find their email address so that you can contact them using your email account.

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