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If you're looking to use a web based email client, you've probably heard of Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Mail has been the primary source of web based email for a very long time, and has become extremely popular for their search engine and other unique things that you can do on their site.

The phrase "yahoo" has been said millions of times throughout history, but it wasn't until the internet site began that the word took on new meanings. Now everyone knows exactly what Yahoo is and many people know how to use it.

The good thing about Yahoo is that it is absolutely free, which is good for the majority of people who use its services. These are often individuals who are computer-novices. They often have little understanding of how email works, let alone how to begin sending it. Yahoo offers an incredibly user-friendly interface to help ensure that those individuals are not lost when it comes to using the service.

Find Emails in Yahoo

Once you've logged onto the site, the program will automatically check to see if you have new mail. If you have new email, you will see it marked and bold. If there is no new email, none of the items in your inbox will appear in bold. This makes conducting a Yahoo email search much easier.

In order to save mail, you can choose to either not delete it, or you can save the mail by moving it to a different folder. On the left hand side of the screen you will see different folders. You can then create a new folder and can save special emails. This is a good idea if you are trying to save emails that related to your job or to your bills, and you should also keep a record of anything you purchase online, just in case you find that you have to return it.

In order to send email, simply click on the "compose mail" button and enter the email address of the person that you would like to send an email to. Then type out your message and click "send". This will send the message directly to your friend or family member. A friend who receives the email will see @yahoo.com at the end of your address, and this is the address that they will respond to when they reply to your email.

In order to save a copy of what you send, go to the compose page and click the button which says "save a copy in your sent items folder". This will save a copy of what you've written, which can come in handy when you're corresponding with businesses or with friends and family about a tricky situation.

Find a Yahoo User's Email Address

Sometimes, when you're trying to find email addresses, you have to go to a generic search engine. When it comes to Yahoo, however, you don't have to go any further than the Yahoo directory. Yahoo has their own directory which you can use to do not only a Yahoo member search, but also other directories around the internet.

You do not have to have an account to use Yahoo directory, but if you do have an account you will be able to save your search as well as access some of the other features of the directory. Using Yahoo directory is very easy. When you pull up the page you will see a search box. Above the search box are three different selections that you can choose from. The first is "the web", the second is "the directory", and the third is "this category".

The Web

By selecting the web choice you are asking the directory to search the entire internet for the search words that you have entered into the search box. If you enter a friend's name, for instance, the directory will search the entire web for your friend's name and you may get some strange returns that you weren't expecting. This is a good option to use if you've tried searching the directory and haven't come up with the answer that you were looking for.

The Directory

The directory option uses your search word to look only at the answers that are returned simply by searching the directory. This is usually the first option selected and is the best choice if you are looking to complete a Yahoo email search for an address. The directory can even find phone numbers and physical or mailing addresses.

This Category

Once you've searched the web or the directory, you can further refine your search by putting a new keyword in and clicking the "this category" option. This will allow you to work through thousands of responses in order to get closer to the response that you were looking for, saving you a lot of time when it is utilized correctly.

Advanced Options

The Yahoo directory also has advanced options that you can use to help you to find the answer that you seek. The advanced options will allow you to use exact phrases, or to select words that you wan excluded from your search. It will also allow you to use a safe search filter and to organize your answers by those that were more recently dated.

Reverse Yahoo Email Address Lookup

With all of the advantages of the Yahoo directory, users can carry out reverse email lookups to locate other members. However, there might be some instances when you are carrying out a Yahoo email search and you are just not getting the results you want. When that happens, you always have the option of using online search tools. Email search sites are capable of crawling through millions of websites in seconds. The more information you know, such as the location of an email address, the easier it is for the site to locate the person that you are looking for.

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